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All Things Fine was created in 2006 out of a necessity to quench my creative side. In my day job I was an Accountant/IT contractor with a CPA and CMA designation (Now Inactive) I know, to most people a total contradiction of dominant brain characteristics. But I genuinely enjoyed going down both paths.


Over the years I collected jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, and other oddities to resell and some to repair and then resell. I worked on this in between contracts (day job) all these years while I continued to hone my skills and build my collection. As a result, I am now very adept at art and frame restoration as well as repairing antiques and collectibles. 


Over the years as technology developed, I used different platforms and various outlets for selling my wares.  Then came Covid which brought my day job to an abrupt end like so many others. The unseen benefit for me was that now I got to focus full-time on my passion. Also, out of Covid arose a glut of on-line auctions. This completely caught my attention. People had to quarantine and what better way to reach the public than to give them access to buy items from the comfort of their homes during a specific set of time.


I decided I needed to jump on board and take advantage of this new avenue of selling. Auctions have been around forever, and on-line auctions have been around for quite some time. But they were never prevalent like they are now in the aftermath of Covid. And like many, who knew if I would ever work my day job again.


I have found this is the best avenue for selling my items so far AND it is fun! Don’t get me wrong it is a lot of hard work too. So as luck would have it, I am finally living my dream. I always hoped of having this as my retirement job but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and things do not always happen to plan. When they don’t you must find the opportunity that is hiding amongst the rubble and seize it and run with it. You may find yourself more satisfied than you have ever been…

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